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What we believe and teach: Angelology

18 January 2016

What we believe and teach: Angelology

holy-bibleAngels are heavenly beings who were created by God. They are holy and powerful and they obey His word. Angels exist in exceeding great number; they worship God and the Lamb who is at the right hand of God. They are ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation, for God uses angels to keep the saints, to guide them, to supply their needs, to bring them some special messages, to encourage them and to comfort them, and to deliver them from all kinds of dangers, etc. However we must not worship nor invoke angels; we must worship and invoke God. The angels of God may appear to men. Some people, by entertaining strangers, have entertained angels without knowing it.

God created also cherubim and seraphim. The Scripture speaks also of an archangel called Michael.

(Giacinto Butindaro, from


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