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Buddhist monks caught playing poker in South Korea

12 May 2012

Buddhist monks caught playing poker in South Korea

It’s the oldest and most respected major religion in South Korea. And now it’s been spectacularly brought into ill-repute after senior monks from the largest Buddhist order in the country were caught red-handed setting a bad example by indulging in a cheeky little poker game. 

Gambling in the country is illegal everywhere except for inside just one casino that’s in the north east of the country. So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that these monks – who are from the Jogye Order – seen here smoking, drinking and flipping playing cards on the floor of a luxury hotel room are flouting the law.

As soon as the footage was aired on national TV yesterday, 6 of the 8 monks in the room offered to resign. Leader Master Jinjea, a high-ranker from the order — who wasn’t even there at the time – said on local TV ‘Those monks committed a foolish act and I confess my sin for their wrongdoings’

It was a fellow monk who secretly shot the footage and then tipped off the police and the media. Do you reckon he’s taken himself off for a long holiday right now?

I’m Marverine Cole. That’s all from me for now but for more news check out our website:

Monks caught on video smoking, drinking and gambling

South Korean monks have been secretly filmed drinking and smoking in a 13-hour gambling session. Report by Genelle Aldred.


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