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Picture postcards with biblical verses: «let us climb our secret “mountain” to pray and adore the Lord your God»

15 March 2012

Picture postcards with biblical verses: «let us climb our secret “mountain”  to pray and adore the Lord your God»

Mountain Tabor, Israel

«O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.» (Psalm 95:6)

Let us climb our mountain in order to meet the Lord our maker and saviour.

Let us come in our shelter, our bedroom to meet and to adore our God.

Let us go to God’s presence everyday, because his presence is fullness of joy, blessing, wisdom, understanding and all we need for our spiritual growth.

Don’t meet our God in our bedroom, by our own, driven by good intentions and by faith, it’s like to be unfaithful to a really dear person of ours; it’s like don’t go to the meetings with Him that we say to love with our whole heart.

Brothers, go to the mountain of your shelter daily, in order to pray and to adore God, because He’s good and he’s worthy to be adored and glorified.

Praised be the name of the Lord! Halleluja!

Giuseppe Piredda

(picture: mountain Tabor in Israele) [translated by S.P.]


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